A la Carte Menu

For Thai people, dining together is a celebration of life itself. A typical thai meal consists of an assortment of curry dishes, soup, salad, and dip sauces served with plain boiled rice. The traditional way to end a meal is with fresh fruit or a cooling dessert.

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Most Thai dishes also feature five distinct flavours – bitter, salty, sweet, sour and hot – forming a unique mixture of taste, colour and texture. In fact it is often claimed that Thai food combines the best of several Eastern cuisines: the oriental bite of Szechuan Chinese, the tropical flavour of Malaysian, the creamy coconut sauces of southern Indian and the aromatic spices of Arabian food.

It is our endeavour to provide our guests, an experience of the very best of Thailand’s unique culinary offerings. We would be pleased to suggest something to suit your taste and palate.

We look forward to welcoming you to the Orchid Lounge thai restaurant in Milton Keynes soon!